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Benefits of Dash Cam - In a “he said-she said” world

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"I have the KDLINKS X1 in my daily driver and there is peace of mind knowing that the unit is automatically recording everything going on in front of me while I am driving. The X1 appears to be exactly as advertised."

C Ken Latka President of the Television Motion Picture Car Club

"I thought I'd share this with you. This is a video from my X1. The driver in front of me slowed down to a stop in the middle of the road, when I went to pass him he hit me intentionally. He tried to tell the police and insurance company that I was driving recklessly and he was trying to avoid me when he hit me. The police and the insurance company took one look at the video and knew exactly who was at fault. That saved me over $3,000.00 in damages to my car. Thanks for a great product!"

Customer J. T. - "Video from dash cam of an accident on 16 June, 2016 @ 0530h. The drive of a Ford Flex ran the red light and hit me on my rear driver side. As you can clearly tell, driver tried to deny him running the red light. However once I tell him I have a dash cam he changes his story."

X1 Customer 07Rubicon

Our X1 Model Is On TV News Now!

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